May 29, 2019 0 By Carlos

While selecting a table for the launch of a new product, it will headed by selecting a logo tablecloth. It is an effective way to promote your brand at any show or trade event in a stylish way. As we know that there are large crowds at events or exhibitions so it is very difficult for you to have a face to face interaction to everyone in order to guide them about your product and business details, so choose a logo that best fit your need and make people guide about the distinctive feature’s of your brand and services. This will attract them towards your table and compel them to have a look on your business details. 

Attributes of designing logo: 

When you are planning to design a logo tablecloth your first priority should be the stuff of cloth on which the logo is going to print. It should have excellent qualities and convertible styles. Next step of consideration is that the tablecloth should be according to the size of the table that can be round or rectangular (4ft, 6ft, 8ft or custom). Cloth should wrinkle resistant so not need to be press again and again and you face no difficulty in using it on any time. While printing the logo, choose contrasting colors or you can go with digital color printing, it will look breathtaking.  

Logo can be printed in any form like it can undergo a heat or sublimated process which means that the logo is in the cloth or it can be in the form of some stickers pasted on the tablecloth. Cloth of choice should be liquid resistant, any water or liquid fall on it will quickly spill leaving no stain behind. It should be 100% washable can be use again and again. Logo should be of such a magnificent nature that no cracks appear in it and it look decent and eye catching. Table cloth can be in the form of table runner, table linen set, table overlays but the point is that keep it as simple as possible so that it will look appealing. 

Benefits of using it: 

Use of tablecloth comes under wide range; it can be use at school, universities, seminars, exhibitions, job fairs, trade shows, conventions and markets. The intention of displaying it is to give message to the people regarding the subject of your business. With the help of these people will able to know about the latest and innovative products, services, jobs, admissions all around the world. What should a logo contain? It can be in the form of images or written text that show off yours product and there uses. Phone no., website and address of your office must be mention so that if a person is busy enough to can’t visit your table and he/she has just a glimpse of it then he can contact you in a professional way by having a look on the logo only. The design of the logo should be same at all the place wherever you display it e.g. posting pictures on social media or branding in the local markets so that people will recognize the brand by the color or pattern of the logo. Sometimes logo also contains some punching line/tagline/phrase related to photo and logo that amused the people and grab their attention in just a while.  

Dos and Don’ts: 

Your table is your kingdom, make it grand. So long coming short the point of focus while using a tablecloth is that it covers your table from scratches and stains. Place table pads that will grip or keep your tablecloth in place so you can be free minded and easily communicate with the people than that of having troubles regarding the displacement of tablecloth. Moreover, your logo should be so eccentric that it will develop your identity, makes your brand memorable one, give people awareness about the products of your brand and stand you out from all competitors. Font size of the text use in logo should be readable, bold, and thick. Avoid the use of different text styles it’s often look varied and divert the attention of the audience. Your logo tablecloth should be neat and simple it will show your civilization.