Have a clear conscience as you contribute to a clean planet.

June 4, 2019 0 By Carlos

One of the most pressing matters that we need to deal with as humans nowadays is that of pollution, and the subsequent destruction of our planet. Over the years we as a species have exploited our world to such a huge degree that now we have run out of almost all of our natural resources, and many nations in the world face the possibility of having to live without basic amenities such as water in the very near future. In addition to this, deforestation and pollution has increased to such a colossal degree that that scientists estimate that if we do not change the way that we act, the damage to the planet will soon be irreparable and the Earth will need at least a billion years to fully recover from the adverse effects that we  have brought about. The picture that these very few condensed facts paint is indeed extremely bleak. Still, many have started to move in the right direction by beginning to employ eco friendly measures, which can help the earth. If we can’t undo the damage that has already been done, we can at least prevent ourselves from adding more to it. This is why many companies and people have started employing eco friendly products. Here are three ways using eco friendly bags can be one of the best decisions for your company and your planet. 

  1. One of the biggest responsibilities that we have as a company is to our environment. Pausing to look at the immense damage done by companies to the environment can be a shocking experience. An extremely large majority of all water pollution is due to big companies releasing waste into the oceans. Those that do not release refuse into the ocean contribute to land and water pollution by setting out plastic bags into the world. These bags are given to customers with literally every purchase, and are one of the biggest contributors to any sort of pollution. A company is no good if it can handle no corporate responsibility and in an increasingly aware world, corporate responsibility is an extremely big deal. We can present a good image to our customers if we use eco friendly promotional bags instead of plastic bags that harm the planet. 
  1. Apart from us assuming corporate responsibility, it is extremely important for us to really understand why plastic can be so bad for the environment and why being eco friendly shouldn’t just be an option, but rather our duty. Plastic makes up the majority of landfills and is devastating for all sorts of marine life, by choking fish and destroying coral reeds. Most plastic also is completely synthetic which means that it cannot even be converted properly to eco friendly items. Eco friendly bags, on the other hand, are made of completely biodegradable materials and so even if they do get thrown away, they will quickly biodegrade. With eco friendly bags, we can run our business with a completely clean conscience, as we contribute to a cleaner planet with our promotional bags in Australia 
  1. Researchers have shown that promotional bags Australia stay with customers for a few months after being received. If the customers remember a positive image the next time they look at your bag, they are much more likely to invest in your brand once again, and even to recommend it again to friends and family. This will obviously be because of the great quality of our products, but also due to the fact that we choose to assume corporate responsibility and take care of the environment too instead of serving our own purposes only.  

We cannot stress enough the importance of stepping up and taking a stand for the betterment of our planet. Every single one of us needs to step up and do our part, or else we can be headed all the way down the road to an extremely bleak future for ourselves and our future generations. Thankfully, Albury Enviro Bags can help us play our part with their customized promotional bags that are 100 percent eco friendly. Their bags can be customized not just in terms of logos but also to suit the kind of product you want to sell. These bags really will be a gift that every customer will cherish forever.