June 12, 2019 0 By Carlos

A perfectly healthy person never knows the importance of health unless he himself has not gone through any health issues. As long as man is healthy he will run after money, success and power while ignoring his health completely but as soon as he suffers from any kind of disease, sickness or illness he is going to ignore all those thing to cure himself. Moreover, it is his basic right to look after himself and his health. Every person goes through some kind of illness every now and then, sometimes this illness can be for short span of time while sometimes it can be a lifelong disease. Similarly, today our topic of article enlightens us about MS incontinence at night condition. 

MS incontinence: 

To understand MS incontinence medically, we first need to understand it’s meaning. Incontinence can be described as a lack of control or lack to restrain oneself when required or an involuntary action. Now coming to the medical term, MS stands for multiple sclerosis, MS and incontinence are two different medical terms but together are used for a same situation.  

Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic disease which damages the person’s central nervous system especially his spinal cord, brain and optic nerves. Some of the nerves are damaged in such a way that they fail to perform their assigned functions and results into various disabilities. These disabilities may vary from blurred vision to lack of urinary control, from failure of muscular condition to irregular speech. The cause of this disease is not yet known but scientist are still working on it. 

MS incontinence can be described as a loss of urinary bladder control. Due to multiple sclerosis, the brain nerves are unable to send or receive the right messages so they send untimely messages resulting into involuntary actions.  

Types of MS incontinence: 

Multiple sclerosis incontinence can be of two types that is urinary incontinence and bowel incontinence. In urinary incontinence person tends to pee more often and can not control his urinary movements. Whereas in bowel incontinence person is unable to control his bowel movements. However, out of the two urinary incontinence is more common one and is usually found more often as compared to the bowel incontinence. 

MS urinary incontinence: 

MS urinary incontinence is further divided into two main types. One of them being stress urinary incontinence while the other one is known as urge incontinence. Stress urinary incontinence happens during the time of pressure, it might be because of laughter, sneezing, coughing or any kind of pressure on the pelvic region. Whereas, urge incontinence happens when someone has sudden and strong need to urinate even if he has just peed a few minutes before. 

MS bowel incontinence: 

MS bowel incontinence can be described as an inability to control fecal or bowel movements as it leaks out involuntarily through the rectum. It is also known as fecal incontinence. It is usually not that commonly seen but there are cases found with such anomaly 

MS incontinence treatment: 

There is a treatment to cure MS incontinence somewhat. It goes by the name of  percutaneous nerve stimulation. In this treatment the nerve that has been damaged due to which it sends wrong messages is stimulated or triggered, in such a way that brain starts to send right messages at right time. 

Mostly general public is not aware of this condition and they do not consider it to be that important unless it feels like a big problem and even after realizing it they hesitate in telling about this disability to others as they find it embarrassing to discuss. Even though various neurological clinics have been opened to help people in such matters. Specialist doctors or neurologists are there to help those who are struggling with this form of incontinence. But still to make people open about their disability they need special consultancy and then the treatment required. For this purpose, MS organization offers their services.  


Health is a blessing that should be appreciated every day. As people keep getting sick now and then so they get to appreciate health’s importance more. One of the disability that can be seen among people is known as MS incontinence. To treat this disability MS organization has put their foot forward and helps people struggling with MS incontinence.