Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting Pregnant Even After Trying!

July 4, 2019 0 By Carlos

When couples start planning a baby and they aren’t able to conceive, it really becomes difficult to stay positive and hopeful. Every time you leave the house, you see pregnant bellies. Every time you go to shop, you see babies in cart. Every time you switch the TV, you see diaper commercials. We know it becomes so hard to stay optimistic and sane at such times. It gets to you and the times become problematic. It doesn’t matter if you are thinking about trying or have been trying for a few months, sometimes the reasons you aren’t able to conceive go beyond medical conditions. There are some everyday life problems that can cause you fertility problems. So, what are those? Here are a few reasons you might be facing problems with getting pregnant. 


The most common signal and the root cause of a lot of problems. Stress is a cause of lot of health-related issues and takes a toll on both your mental and physical health. So, if you are one of those people who are taking the infertility in Melbourne articles on Google too seriously, even if you just started trying, think again! People say it is all in your head, and sometimes it really is. Stress drains you out and can cause some serious long-term damages as well. According to fertility experts, it is really important that you are calm and balanced in approach when you are trying to conceive, so nothing weighs down on you. A lot of doctors recommend keeping yourself busy in healthy activities and spending your time productively when you are trying to conceive. Otherwise, your mind will only be a mess of ifs and but, causing unnecessary and unwanted stress. If the pattern has been persistent for a long time, we recommend you start counselling and therapy to get yourself out of it. Start exercising daily, take early morning works, and do meditation. All of these will help you let go of the stress and baggage you have been holding onto for so long. 

Sleep & Weight Issues 

Pregnancy symptoms go way beyond mental health. While stress might be causing difficulties for you to conceive, your physical activities and routine can be a reason as well. Other than the mental stress, sleep deprivation puts stress on your body. If you are not sleeping on time and waking up on time, you won’t only be tired from the outside, but from the inside as well. What we don’t know or acknowledge is when you aren’t sleeping properly, you are depriving your body of the strength it needs. Your body does not get time to repair and your immune system does not get time to relax as well. This means, you are prone to catching infections, diseases and other problems. What’s more is that when you don’t sleep properly, you get anxious & tired and throw your periods out of the balance as well. Hence, that is another leading factor that causes problems with conceiving. Take it from us, sleep issues aren’t with women only. If men are doing the same to their body, their sperm can damage temporarily as well, making it hard for their partner to get pregnant. Other than sleep, your weight can also cause difficulties. Being both underweight and overweight can make it hard to conceive a baby. An undernourished body doesn’t ovulate properly, while an overweight body can decrease the chances of getting pregnant even when ovulating properly. It means you should not stray above or below your body mass index and be very vigilant about your weight and what goes inside your body.  

Your Periods! 

If you have any issues with your periods, know that you won’t be able to get pregnant easily if you don’t resolve them. Moreover, women also confuse their cycle times. We are told that ovulation is two weeks before the period or two weeks after. What you need to do know is this will only be relevant if you have a four-week-cycle. It is better to monitor ovulation properly and have sex when you are ovulating. It isn’t necessary to have sex right on the day of ovulating, as sperm stays in the cervix for three days so it can be a day before as well.