Staying protected each season.

July 16, 2019 0 By Carlos

Let’s face it: no matter how tough we may claim to be, when it really comes down to tackling problems, so many of us can feel overwhelmed. Of course, while this may or may not apply to every other person and to every situation uniformly, one situation where this can be more or less true is when we fall ill. Most of us would like to say – and undoubtedly do say – that we would fare pretty well if we ever got sick, but when the moment eventually and inevitably arrives, we find that it can be extremely crippling. This doesn’t just mean the more dangerous illnesses, of course. What is surprising that even illnesses that we may perceive to be normal and mild can greatly affect our functioning. For example, no one really thinks something as basic as a sore throat can affect how we operate, but reality is often starkly different. Even coming down with a mild sore throat can leave us grumpy and low the entire time until we get better. Even grown adults can find themselves behaving just as children would, because, let’s face it, the feeling of a sore, swollen throat that stings every time we eat, drink or even speak can be one of the worst feelings in the world.  

Just as the simple sore throat can be such a pain, the common cold can be pretty harmful too. The flu is something that most human beings contract at least once or twice a year with seasonal changes, unless we are gifted with a pretty phenomenal immunity system. The feeling of a stuffy nose, coupled with the heavy feeling in our head, aches all over our body, chills and the occasional fever can be pretty debilitating, no matter how used to we are of contracting the flu. One of the things that makes the common cold so annoyingly persistent is that it is highly contagious. If one person in the house has the flu, there is a very huge chance that by the end of the week, almost everyone will be clutching pieces of tissue to their noses. However, many would be surprised to know that despite there being so many vaccines against the flu; it still seems to come back each season, stronger than ever. 

This is because the strain of the influenza virus adapts remarkably fast to any vaccines or medicines developed against it. This is why vaccines that have been used in previous years fail to completely prevent flu outbreaks again. It can be quite an interesting fact to consider that while more dangerous diseases such as measles have been eradicated with the use of vaccinations, the common cold has such an advanced make up that even the most high tech of vaccines fail to eradicate it. That being said, while there is no vaccine to eradicate the flu once and for all, seasonal shots, such as the afluria quad flu vaccine can be used before flu season begins so that we have greater immunity against the strain of influenza virus in season.  

With a simple shot of the afluria quad flu vaccine you will not just have a greater chance of evading the virus, but, if you do happen to get infected, the flu will go away much faster and the effects can be made a whole lot milder. These vaccines can give year long immunity with little to no side effects, so that come rain or shine, you never have to be stuck indoors with the chills and a stuffy nose! While these vaccines can be good news to anyone, they can be especially welcome to parents who don’t want to be stuck with children with the flu. For kids, the flu can be particularly debilitating so it is advised that everyone over the age of 6 months should get vaccinated.  

At TeamMed, medical health professionals can find the afluria quad flu vaccine, which can give holistic protection to patients against the flu season of this year. With this vaccine, we can stay protected no matter what, and never have to take days off or suffer because of the common cold.