Fireplaces to make a house a home.

July 18, 2019 0 By Carlos

We all know just how welcoming the sight and sounds of a warm fireplace can be. On some nights, all we need is a little bit of comfort in front of a warm, cozy fireplace. Whether we are having a good night or a bad night, sitting in front of a fireplace can make us feel a little bit warmer inside. There is something very unique about a well lit gas fireplace in the cold winter nights. It can make any gathering feel all the more intimate and cozy. Only a fireplace can add such an ambience to a house, and no other heating method can achieve the same effect. In addition to the whole cozy feel, it can also make a house seem more traditional and yet timeless. For those of us who do not feel like going fully traditional however, gas fireplaces can come in a whole range of styles. Ranging from so traditional they remind us of our parents’ house, to fireplaces that are so modern and chic that they could easily fit into a chic lifestyle magazine, we can find it all. There seems to be nothing that can rival the warmth of the fireplace as it smolders and crackles with burning logs, and that is why fireplaces remain such an essential in our houses, even with the advent of internal heating systems.  

However, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to fireplaces. While they look and feel amazing to have around, there can be several drawbacks that come with traditional fireplaces. For starters, and most importantly, they can be pretty dangerous to have around, especially with children around. A burning fireplace always needs to be monitored carefully by any responsible adults at all times. Even when we think that we have put the fire out, some residual flames can remain, and these can easily relight the fireplace if it is left unattended. Sweeping the chimney can again not just be difficult in terms of technicality, but it can also lead to injuries. In addition to all this, a fireplace can be pretty hard to clean and rekindle. Cleaning can mean having to clear away all the soot and dust, and doing away with all the crumbly pieces of wood. This alone can be a nightmare for anyone who is assigned this task.  

With the above mentioned facts kept in mind, it can seem like we might have to skip adding the cozy yet chic fireplace to our home after all. However, that isn’t the case. With slight adjustments to the traditional model, we can have a fireplace in our home without any of the logistical and health related worries. With a simple gas fireplace we can have a fireplace without any of the worry! Of course, we might have to compromise on a bit of the aesthetic of the traditional fireplace, as this fireplace will have no gently smoldering wood. However, this also means that we will not have to deal with soot and dust, or any of the dangers that come with burning wood in our house. A gas fireplace can be totally safe for even children to operate with a bit of training, as the simple flick of a switch can put any flames out for good.  

There are several other benefits of having a gas fireplace in Perth, however. For starters, a gas fireplace can help us regulate the kind of temperature we want. With the simple press of a few buttons we can crank up the heat or bring it down to a gentle burn. It can also help you save energy, as all the heat is extracted from the gas and distributed into your home. These gas fireplaces are also available in a wide range of colors and designs which feature logs, which can bring back all the rustic feel of a traditional fireplace, with none of the drawbacks! 

With fireplaces from Aurora Climate Systems, you can make your house a home, with all their rusticity and beauty, combined with new age tweaks. These fireplaces can be safer for use and not to mention easier. They can also be easier on the environment, as we can avoid any needless cutting down of trees.