The celebration of welcoming a baby

July 23, 2019 0 By Carlos

The birth of a baby is a significant occasion for many people. It signifies the continuity of a family line as well as the knowledge of being able to enjoy the joys of parenthood. They are considered as a blessing in many cultures as it allows us to see a world through their unbiased and fresh eyes helping restore the positive perspective that has faded with age. Even though a baby is like an investment as it includes the expenses of their care and requires them to be in a somewhat strong financial position; they provide a return on it in a way that cannot be measured. Children are priceless and provide us with hope in this unstable world. Many people often wonder if they are doing right by bringing an innocent soul into this relentless world but the point being that children help make our lives happier and occupied, distracting us from what is going on beyond them. The transitions from children to teenagers can be very grueling and can take a toll on the parents but it serves as a learning experience about how their parents brought them up and being thankful to them as well. 

People from all over the world welcome babies in different ways and through different ceremonies that usually involve giving the parents some sort of token of such as luxury baby gifts. In the Muslim culture, the aqiqah is a common way to celebrate the baby and is usually performed seven days after the birth of the baby and involves the shaving of the baby’s hair as well as the sacrifice of an animal such as a sheep or goat. The meat is then either distributed among the poor or used to prepare a feast for the family. Jews observe the brit Milah which is the ceremony of the male circumcision and is performed eight days after the birth of the child. There is a gathering of family and friends that usually give their blessings followed by a light meal. Food is a common theme in many celebrations and the one-month birthday is often celebrated in the Indonesian culture as well as in Vietnam and china. This is usually the time by which the mothers have completed their rest period which is a traditional practice in many east Asian cultures. One of the most popular ways to acknowledge the future arrival of a baby is the baby shower that is thrown by the future grandparents, aunt, cousin or friends that are just as excited as the parents. It is also a way for the new parents to get everything they need as they are able to get all minds of things including luxury baby gifts such as hampers filled with clothing. It is usually held four to six weeks before the birth of the baby as many mothers want it later on due to the risk of a miscarriage in the early days of pregnancy. 

The guest list depends upon the type of baby shower that is being held. If it is a small affair then only the close family and friends are invited but the expectant mother should be asked if she wants to invite anybody as well. Traditionally, it was a female only event but as it has gained popularity over the years, expectant dads have also become a part of the event. The number of people that are invited also determines the location of the party and it can be held anywhere from the parent’s home to outside in a garden to a clubhouse. The host also chooses a theme that everybody has to follow and a cake is also made according to that. Games are a great ice breaker for guests that don’t know each other and also help give structure to the event. Usually if the baby shower is the first child then the guests that bare close to the family give luxury baby gifts such as s stroller or other things that the new mother or child might need. Apart from the usual gift of clothes for the baby, guests can also give baby monitors, baby bags and other non-traditional gifts to the parents.