The pros and cons of using toddler helper stool

The pros and cons of using toddler helper stool

January 17, 2020 0 By Carlos

One thing that every person should keep in mind is that parents should only teach the children the way to think but they should not tell them what to think. They should leave that to the imagination of their children as they would like to experience new things with each passing day. Children are considered as the wealthiest possession of any family because they are the ones who keep the house brightened up. We get to see many different changes in our baby’s interest as he grows up. There comes a stage in every toddler’s life when he wants to climb up to the place where the adult is standing; toddler helper stool has been invented to fulfil this wish of the toddler. We are going to discuss about the pros and cons of the toddler helper stool. 

Toddler toys: 

Have you ever observed that how your child’s interest in various toys or things keeps on changing with the passage of time? You would notice that when a child is about zero to six months, he would like to play with such things which he can put in his mouth like teether, pacifier, etc. When a child reaches the age between six to twelve months then he likes to play with multiple colour balls and blocks. After the age of one year, the toddler starts to take interest in more innovative and creative things like slide, rocker, etc. Similarly, the toddler tries to climb up everything to reach the height of the place where the adult is standing, this happens probably around the age of two. Toddler helper stool has been discovered which can help your child to reach up to the certain height. 

Toddler helper stool: 

We have seen so many different kinds of toys with which a toddler can play  but one thing that we must kept in mind is that these steiner wooden toys should be productive as well in one way or another so that it would help your child to discover some new things. Let’s take an example of a slide; slide is a productive toy for the toddler in a way that he gets to discover to slide down the sloppy thing. Similarly, there is toddler helper stool which is productive in so many ways.  

The pros of using toddler helper stool: 

Have you ever experienced your toddler wanting to reach the kitchen counter but you keep pushing him back so that he won’t fall down while trying to do so? Well! You do not need to worry anymore because we have a toddler helper stool for your toddler. This stool helps your toddler to reach up to the height of a kitchen counter or dressing table from where he can see you carrying out your activity and might help you with his little hands. This toddler helper stool teaches your child to climb up the stool. Moreover, with this toddler helper stool you do not have to keep putting up and putting down your toddler to the counter or any other place at height. 

The cons of using toddler helper stool: 

Everything in this world comes with its pros and cons. In some things the cons surpasses the pros while in other things the pros surpasses the cons. In case of a toddler helper stool, pros surely surpass the cons. The only con of toddler helper stool is that even though it is supportive enough but you never know when your child can fall off. This disadvantage can be overcome by keeping an eye on your child while he is climbing up the toddler helper stool. 


Toddlers are the most special possession of every parent. They want to fulfil every need of their child but one thing that adults must keep in their mind before buying anything for their child is that the thing should be productive in one way or another. One such thing which is productive in lots of ways is toddler helper stool. Even though it also comes with its pros and cons but the pros surely overshadow its cons. “My happy helpers” offers the best kind of toddler helper stool.